Commissions & Committees

Planning & Zoning Commission

John Brewer

Sue Holliman

Gwen Bernstein

Steve Steneck

Paul Meyer

Regina Muscat

Steve Apke

Howard Schock

Frank Scarpelli

The Planning and Zoning and Historic Commission holds public hearings, reviews developments and ensures the Village’s Comprehensive Plan is followed by hearing and review applications and providing recommendations to the Village Board on applications of appeals, special uses and map amendments related to the East Dundee Code of Ordinances. The commission holds regular meetings on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm at the East Dundee Police Department (115 E. Third Street).

Police Commission

Ignacio 'Joe' Pena

John Theis

Craig Martin

The Police Commission appoints all officers of the police department, except those exempted by ordinance. In addition, the commission conducts and holds all entrance and promotional examinations and participates in any termination activity for all sworn police and fire personnel in the manner provided by law. The commission consists of three members appointed by the Village President with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees and meets on an as needed basis.

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Police Pension Board of Trustees

Michael Governale
Vice President
Pam Figolah
Andrew Ritter
Don Holliman
Retired Member Trustee
John Theis

All municipalities in Illinois with populations of at least 5,000 must participate in the Downstate Police Pension system; East Dundee had a referendum in 1980 wherein the residents voted to participate in the program. The East Dundee Police Pension Board consists of two current officers elected by current officers, a retired officer elected by other retired officers, and two citizens appointed by the Village President.

The Board is charged with overseeing the fiscal operations of the Police Pension Fund and its fiduciary obligations. It is governed by the rules of the Downstate Police Pension Fund. Municipal Pension funds of this sort are not affiliated with state employee pensions, such as teachers or state workers. The Police Pension funds are separate and distinct entities and not merged with others, such as IMRF.

Our Police Pension is funded by officer contributions, investments and contributions from the village. The fund is routinely audited and commissions actuarial studies.
Police Pension Board Trustees are volunteers, not compensated in any way.

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Dec 16

Board of Police Commissions Meeting

10:00AM at East Dundee Police Department 115 E. 3rd Street, East Dundee

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