On May 30, a joint meeting of the Village Board and the Planning, Zoning, and Historic Commission was held to kick off the Comprehensive Planning process. Consultants from Northern Illinois University Center for Governmental Studies (NIUCGS) and Egret + Ox Planning facilitated the meeting as Trustees and commissioners engaged in in-depth discussions about the village's future land use.  

The presentation is on the Village website. Click HERE to view it.

Looking Back to Move Forward 

The last comprehensive plan for East Dundee was crafted in 2002. Given the significant changes over the past two decades, this new planning process is both timely and necessary. It will address current challenges and opportunities, laying a foundation for sustainable development and enhanced quality of life for all residents. 

Community Involvement 

A successful comprehensive plan relies heavily on community participation. The Village encourages all residents to get involved and share their ideas and feedback. Your input is invaluable in shaping a plan that truly represents the aspirations and needs of our village. 

Residents are able to post their ideas regarding the plan to the dedicated planning website located HERE.

This website will also be used to post updates to the process so residents can stay informed about the comprehensive planning process and to access relevant information, including the prior plans 

Next Steps 

As we move forward, the Village of East Dundee will continue to work closely with NIUCGS consultants and community members to develop a comprehensive plan that is both visionary and practical. This process will involve a series of public meetings, workshops, and surveys, ensuring that residents and businesses have the opportunity to participate. Please see the Village website calendar for upcoming meetings or visit the Comprehensive Plan website for more information.