The Village of East Dundee is pleased to announce the completion of a comprehensive renovation project at the public restrooms located at the Depot. This significant upgrade enhances accessibility and convenience for all visitors, ensuring a more inclusive and welcoming experience.

As part of the renovation, the restrooms have been redesigned to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance standards, ensuring accessibility for individuals of all abilities. In addition to ADA compliance, the renovated restrooms now feature baby changing stations in all facilities, catering to the needs of families visiting the Depot.

Furthermore, a new companion care/family restroom has been added inside the Depot building, providing a private and accessible space for families with young children or individuals who require assistance from a caregiver. This addition enhances the Depot's amenities, offering increased comfort and convenience for all visitors.

As part of the renovation project, the outdoor space surrounding the Depot has also been upgraded with new ADA-compliant picnic tables, offering visitors an accessible area to enjoy outdoor gatherings and picnics.