Chief's Welcome Message
Chief George Carpenter
I want to welcome you to the homepage of the East Dundee Police Department!  We are a full-service law enforcement organization, working 24-hours a day and responding to approximately 6,500 calls per year.  We have 13 full-time police officers and 6 part-time personnel.  Our 9-1-1 center is Quadcom, which is located nearby in Carpentersville.

We are different than many or most law enforcement agencies. Your officers rise to a higher standard of conduct both on and off the job.  Our stated values are:

  • We provide fair treatment and equal protection under the law to all people, at all times, without exception.
  • We use only the reasonable force necessary to accomplish a lawful purpose. (We do not want to use force and have de-escalation training.)
  • We are honest and perform our duties with integrity al all times.
  • We define our role not narrowly, as law enforcement officers, but broadly as community problem solvers.
  • We view our badge as a symbol not of authority, but of the public’s trust in us.
  • We prioritize everyone’s safety. Our goal is no injuries to police officers, and no injuries to those we have contact with.

The EDPD training program is intended to maintain the level of professionalism that East Dundee expects from us. Our culture is one of accountability; officers hold themselves accountable for their performance. 

It has been said that the best disciplined police department is the least punished.  That is because officers exercise self-discipline.  There is little need for formal disciplining in the East Dundee Police Department.

I am truly grateful for the support we receive throughout this community.  Thank you for recognizing our officers’ professionalism in serving and protecting East Dundee!
If you cannot find what you need on these pages, please do not hesitate to email me directly.  Thank you and we hope you stay safe!

Chief George Carpenter

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George Carpenter

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