Trash, Yard Waste and Recycling

Refuse collection is made available to all residential homes within the Village. This service is contracted through Flood Brothers Waste Services.

Curbside trash, recycling and seasonal yard waste collection occur on Wednesday’s beginning at 6 am. Residents are able to dispose of one 65 gallon waste cart, one 65 gallon recycling cart, unlimited yard waste and one bulk item each week. Residents may also place one additional or overflow bag of garbage and/or recycling alongside their carts.
The exception to this rule are the six major holidays observed by Flood Brothers. During the week of the below holidays, if the holiday falls on or before our regularly scheduled collection day (Wednesday), the collection day for that week will be Thursday:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas

All materials for collection must be placed near the curb in front of your home no earlier than the night before collection and should be easily accessible to the collector.

Refuse Collection
All refuse should be stored in the cart provided for by Flood Brothers.
Please contact Flood Borthers directly should you need a 35 gallon or 95 gallon cart instead of the Village provided 65 gallon cart. A 95 gallon cart can be rented for an additional $2.00 per month fee billed once each year in January, please contact Flood Brothers customer service representative at (630) 261-0578. If you have a large quantity of refuse, large household appliances or refrigerants in need of pick-up at (630) 261-0578. For more information about refuse collection, click here.

Recycling Collection
Items should be placed in the cart with the yellow lid. If you don’t have a recycling cart, please call Flood Brothers at (630)261-0578.


Yard Waste Collection (seasonal)
Free yard waste pick-up is available to residents beginning the first Wednesday in April and ending the last Wednesday in November.
Yard waste should be prepared as follows: loose material should be bagged in Kraft type paper sacks or in a refuse can clearly marked “yard waste”. If you use a refuse can, be sure to leave the lid off, so the contents can be easily identified as yard waste.
You can also dispose of tree and brush material less than 2 inches in diameter. These should be cut and bundled with a biodegradable twine. Please keep limbs no longer than 4 feet in length and bundles no larger than 2 feet in diameter.
The Village will collect downed parkway limbs and private property limbs from the parkway only after a significant storm event.

If you are moving, please contact our customer service department at (630) 261-0578 to terminate service and remove any Flood Brothers equipment provided.



Christmas Tree Collection
Holiday greenery must have all tinsel, ornaments, lights and nails removed before being placed out at the curb for pick-up and cannot be placed in plastic bags. Holiday greenery collection is FREE the FIRST TWO WEEKS in January.

Electronics Recycling
Residents will have the opportunity to recycle electronic items which are banned from landfills. Under this Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (Illinois EPA) Residential E-Waste Program, residents have options for safely recycling your old residential computers, monitors, laptops, televisions and printers.

The Illinois EPA has compiled a list of e-waste collectors, whom a resident may contact regarding recycling either at no charge, or, if there is a fee, in exchange for a dollar-for-dollar coupon a resident can use to reduce the cost of new equipment. The Illinois EPA has this list sorted, alphabetically by county, and it includes site addresses and phone numbers. The Illinois EPA recommends that you call the collection site nearest you for their schedule, as well as the types of electronics the site will accept. Some sites will accept more than just computers, monitors, TVs, and printers. Items such as keyboards, DVD players, and other electronics are acceptable at some sites.

If you are an East Dundee Resident a drop off location is available at 448 Elgin Ave from 7am - 2:30pm, Monday - Friday. Please note the dumping of non-electronic items is prohibited and will be under video surveillance, and proof of residency may be requested. All Non East Dundee residents should refer to the Kane County website for recycling information.


Household Hazardous Waste Products
Items such as oil-based paint, household batteries, pesticides, poisons, cleaning solvents, tainted gasoline, used oil and other automotive products are considered to be hazardous waste and should not be included with your regular garbage for disposal.

For information on how to schedule a pick-up for household hazardous wastes, please click here. Each East Dundee resident is entitled to one free pick-up of household hazardous waste per calendar year.

Latex & Oil-Based Paint
Latex paint is water-based and has a very low level of toxicity. Disposing of it as hazardous waste is unnecessary and very expensive, so most facilities do not accept it. Therefore, the Illinois EPA and Kane County encourage people with unwanted latex paint to use other options. Oil based paint and stain are to be treated and disposed of as Household Hazardous Waste. To learn more about disposal and recycling of paint, please click here.

For information on document shredding, please contact the Village of East Dundee to find dates and times of free shredding events for residents.

Yard waste burning is only allowed on the second and fourth Saturdays during the months of October, November and April and the second and fourth Sundays during the months of October, November and April. Open burning under this section shall be allowed between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. October and November. Burning waste during other months could result in a complaint being filed. Small campfires, however, are allowed year round.


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Flood Brothers



Call to report a broken recycling toter, missed pickup or to request special pickup.


Electronic Recycling for East Dundee Residents

Electronic Recycling is provided to East Dundee residents at no charge. Residents can drop off old TVs, computers, printers, scanners, VCRs, etc. at the Public Works facility located at 448 Elgin Ave from 7am-2:30pm, Monday-Friday. Items MUST be placed inside the dumpster.

For all other Kane County residents, please go to for drop off locations. Please note the dumping of non-electronic items is prohibited and will be under video surveillance. Proof of residency at location will be required for drop off.

Thank you for helping keep East Dundee clean!


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