Police Department

The Police Department is located at 115 3rd Street. Records Services hours are 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m Monday-Friday. Walk-in Police assistance after Records Services hours is obtained via use of the red phone, marked 911, in the lobby entrance of the Police Department. Police-related phone inquiries after Records Services hours can be directed to the QuadCom non-emergency number of 847-428-8784. QuadCom serves 6 Police Departments and 4 Fire Departments. If you need Police assistance, dial 911.

Police Chief
Terry Mee
(847) 428-4034

Records Clerk
Alex Villagomez

The Police Department provides 24-hour protection for residents, businesses. Personnel are dispatched to calls for service by the QuadCom Regional Dispatch Center located in Carpentersville. This center is a 9-1-1 emergency dispatch system which serves 5 police agencies and 4 fire agencies. In addition to the normal law enforcement activities, the Police Department sponsors several community-oriented programs including:

  • House Watch
    Want us to keep an eye on your house while you're away? Residents going out of town for an extended period can register with the Police Department 847-428-4034 for the House Watch program. Under the program, a police officer will check on your house at least once per night and monitor for suspicious activity.

    Police Department House Watch Request

  • Premise Alert Program
    Based on legislation passed in the State of Illinois during the latter part of 2009, law enforcement agencies in conjunction with their PSAPs (dispatch services) are to provide residents and others with special needs situations, who are located in their jurisdictions, an opportunity to be enrolled and entered into a Premise Alert Program (PAP) database within the PSAP; an entry that will alert emergency personnel (Police and Fire), when responding to the enrolled persons residence or business location, that there is a specified special needs situation that may be involved.

  • Sex Offender List

  • Red Light Enforcement Information
    Red Light Enforcement began in August 2009. The Village of East Dundee began operating a red light enforcement camera at the intersection of Penny Avenue & Higgins Road and Dundee Avenue and Higgins Road. The intersection is identified as "Red Light Photo Enforced" through signage. The Village has three main objectives for implementing the program:
    1. to reduce the number of injury crashes resulting from right angle and turning collisions.
    2. reduce the total number of crashes at an intersection overall.
    3. reduce the number of Red Light Violations at the selected intersections.

    Enforcement Citations will be issued to motorists who run red lights without stopping OR fail to come to a complete stop before turning right on red when safe to do so.
Motorists WILL NOT be cited if:
    • The motorist enters an intersection on a green or yellow light which turns red before they have a chance to make a left turn.
    • The vehicle was yielding to an emergency vehicle or lawfully participating in a funeral procession.
    A violation notice form will include information on options that can be chosen.

  • Child Safety Seat Inspections
    The department has two certified child safety seat technician that inspects child safety seats to ensure that they are properly installed in vehicles. These inspections are provided free of cost but are done by appointment only.

Parking on the street is not allowed in the Village from 2 am to 6 am, and doing so may result in the issuance of a citation. If you must leave your car out overnight you may call it into QuadCom at 847-428-8784. Also blocking a driveway, parking on a sidewalk, or in your front yard may result in the issuance of a citation.

All vehicles in the Village, regardless of if they're being driven, must be operable and have valid, current license plates. Violations will result in a 10 day inoperable motor vehicle notice and the possible issuance of a citation.

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Police Department
115 3rd Street
East Dundee, IL 60118


(847) 428-4034
(847) 586-5632
8:00am - 4:00pm M-F

QuadCom Non-emergency dispatch: (847) 428-8784

Call 911 to report an emergency.

Report A Crime

Anonymously report a crime to the East Dundee Police Department.

Submit a message below or call (847) 428-4034.

For in-progress crimes or matters that require immediate police response, call 9-1-1.

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Holiday Crime Prevention

As the holidays approach, many people are starting/continuing to shop for their loved ones. Here are some tips to prevent delivered packages from being stolen from porches and garages. With more and more people doing their shopping online, packages delivered to your doorstep have become a prime target for theft. To ensure safe delivery of your packages and keep them out of the hands of thieves, follow these important security tips:

1) Have packages delivered to where you are, not where you aren't. Your home is not the only place you can have your packages delivered. For example, if you work during the day, have items you order online delivered to your place of business instead of your home address. Instruct family and friends to do the same for packages they mail to you throughout the year.

2) Set up alternative delivery/pickup options through your local delivery services. Whether the majority of your packages are delivered by the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx, each offers alternative delivery and pickup options. For example, UPS has an expanding Access Point network that provides for delivery and pickup of packages at local grocery or convenience stores in various neighborhoods. Let the delivery company know when you will be home.

3) Discourage thieves from targeting your residence with a few strategic home security devices. Home surveillance cameras can be effective crime deterrents. Your home security cameras should be prominently displayed where potential criminals can see them, yet high enough to prevent them from being tampered with. Outdoor security lighting and a home alarm system can also be effective crime deterrents.

4) Keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles and subjects in your neighborhood. Putting a stop to package theft and residential burglaries is a team effort. Talk to your neighbors and encourage everyone to keep an eye out for suspicious activity (i.e. an individual or vehicle following a delivery truck, a stranger removing a package from outside a residence, etc).

Please report suspicious activity or a theft to the East Dundee Police Department by calling 911.

Police Officer Eligibility List

Effective September 19, 2017 through September 19, 2019


Crash Statistical Analysis Reports - Photo-enforced Intersections

The attached reports are the 36+ month post-camera statistical analysis reports for both photo-enforced intersections in the Village. The reports cover crash data through 2015, which was just released by IDOT. 2016 data will not be released until this time next year


FBI Warns about Scammers Calling about Jury Duty

Please see the attached for information


Municipal Warming & Cooling Locations

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Jan 23

Police Pension Board Meeting

4:00PM - 5:00PM at Village Hall Annex - 120 Barrington Avenue, East Dundee

Apr 24

Police Pension Board Meeting

4:00PM - 5:00PM at Village Hall Annex - 120 Barrington Avenue, East Dundee

Jul 24

Police Pension Board Meeting

4:00PM - 5:00PM at Village Hall Annex - 120 Barrington Avenue, East Dundee

Oct 23

Police Pension Board Meeting

4:00PM - 5:00PM at Village Hall Annex - 120 Barrington Avenue, East Dundee

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