Forms & Applications

Download applications and other Village forms.


Electronic Sign Policy and Request Form

Request for a message to appear on theVillage's Electronic Sign on River Street and Route 72

Freedom of Information Request Form

Form for requests under the Freedom of Information Act to review records maintained by the Village

Employment Application

Application for employment with the Village of East Dundee

Auto Transfer Tax

All vendors are required to charge an automobile transfer tax on vechicles and submit payment to the Village

Video Rental Tax Form

All vendors are required to collect a video rental tax and submit it to the Village

Amusement Tax Form

All vendors and businesses are required to charge and collect an Amusement Tax on events and submit this tax to the Village

Refuse Collection Discount Form

Form for Senior Residents to Request a Refuse Collection Fee Discount


Sign Permit Application

Application for Commercial Signage. *Please Note Temporary Signage Requires a Permit*

Commercial Permit Application

Application for Major Commercial Building/Construction

Approaches and Driveways

Approaches and Driveway Guildlines

Fence Guide

Fence Guildlines

Vacant Building Application

All Vacant Buildings are Required to be Registered with the Village

Residential Permit Application

Application for Major Residential Building/Construction

Right-of-Way Permit Form

Form to perform work or be in the Village Right-of-Way

Shed Guide

Shed Guildlines

Unattached Garage Guide

Unattached Garage Guildlines

Roof Guide

Roof Guildline

Central Air Guide

Central Air Guidlines

Deck Guide

Deck Guildlines

Lawn Irrigation Guide

Lawn Irrigation Guildlines

Basic Permit Application

Flat Rate Project

Swimming Pool Guide

Swimming Pool Guildlines

Urban Chicken Permit Application

Permit Application for the keeping of backyard hens

Residential Rental Dwelling License Application

Application and sample inspection form

Commercial Rental Dwelling Application

Rental Application

Engineering Site Plan Submittal Checklist

Community Resources

Welcome To East Dundee!

Resident Information Kit

Emergency Notifications

Emergency Alerts

The Kane County Office of Emergency Management uses the CodeRED emergency notification system to distribute emergency information and critical community alerts to the public


Special Events Permit Application

Application to hold a Special Event within the Village of East Dundee

Large Event License Application Form

Application to Hold one or more Large Events within the Village of East Dundee

Small Event License Application Form

Application to Hold one or more Small Event within the Village of East Dundee

Block Party

Request Application

Depot and/or Depot Park Rental Request Application

Application to hold a private event at the Depot and/or Depot Park

License Registration

Business License Registration

All Business are required to register annually with the Village

Food Vehicle License Application

All Mobile and Non Mobile Food Vending Units are required to apply for a Food Vehicle License

Raffle License Application

Application to conduct or operate a raffle

Local Liquor Control Commission

Video Gaming Application

Video Gaming Application

Liquor License Service Endorsement

Application to have Sidewalk Liquor Service or Village Right-of-Way Service for liquor sales

Liquor License Application

A liquor license is required to sell alcoholic beverages

Planning and Zoning - Historic Commission

Zoning Map

View the East Dundee Boundaries and the Zoning Classification throughout the Village

Planning and Zoning Preliminary and Final Plat Application

Application to Propose and File a Preliminary and/or Final Plat

Historic District Map

View the Historic Boundaries within East Dundee

Planning and Zoning Planned Use Development

Application for an entire Development

Planning and Zoning Information Packet

Step-by–Step Guide about the Planning and Zoning Process

Planning and Zoning Special Use, Variance and Rezoning Application

Application to Apply for a Special Use, Variance of the Village Code or a Rezoning of a Property

Historic Commission Certificate of Appropriateness Application

Properties located within the Historic District must be Approved by the Commission Prior to Making Facade Changes

ED Adopted Definition Amends 04-01-13

Final Zoning Tables and Solid Waste Amendments

ED Adopted Res Dist Amends 04-01-13

Final Zoning Tables and Solid Waste Amendments

ED Adopted Bus Dist Amends 04-01-13

Final Zoning Tables and Solid Waste Amendments

ED Adopted Manuf Dist Amends 04-01-13

Final Zoning Tables and Solid Waste Amendments


Vacation Watch House Form

Form to Have Police Watch Your Home While Away

Citizen Report Form

Form to File a Citizen Report not Criminal in Nature

Municipal Citation Review Form

Form to Challenge a Ticket

FOIA Request for Police Records

Form to request Police records under the Freedom of Information Act

Animal Registration Form - Voluntary

Form to Register your Dog or Cat with the Village of East Dundee (FREE)

Solicitor Permit Application

This permit is required for all solicitors and must be renewed annually

4th Street Overnight Parking Permit

This application is required for overnight parking along 4th Street

Water and Sewer

Water Meter Rental

Hydrant policy with application. Includes residential pool filling

Water Contestment Policy and Form

Policy and Form in order to Contest a Water Meter Read and Bill

Direct Pay Form

Form to request direct debit of water/sewer bill payment from checking or savings account

Have Your Water Bill Emailed to You

Sign up to have your water bill emailed to you

How to Read Your Water Bill

A Step by Step on how to read and understand your water bill

A High Bill Usually Means a Leak

Follow these steps to determine if there may be a leak
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