Administration, Building, and Finance Department

Administration, Building, Finance, and Marketing departments are responsible for the overall operation and management of the Village, promotion of the community through events and promotional efforts, maintenance of official records, and dissemination of information to the Village Board, staff and residents.

Village Administrator
Jennifer Johnsen

Assistant Village Administrator
Brad Mitchell

Management Analyst
Amanda Rafter

Village Clerk / Administrative Assistant
Katherine Holt

Finance Director/Treasurer
Brandiss Martin

Assistant Finance Director
Ismael Jimenez

Building Inspector
Chris Ranieri

Deputy Village Clerk/Admin. Assistant Building Dept
Gail Hess


The Administrative Office is under the direction of the Village Administrator. The Village Administrator is responsible to the Village Board for the proper administration of the day-to-day operation of the Village. In addition, the Administration Department prepares the Annual Budget, compiles the agendas for the Village Board and Committees, handles and coordinates Freedom of Information requests, public information activities, and general inquiries to Village services. All other departments report to the Administrator.

The Administration Department supports the Village Board and is responsible for maintaining the official records of the Village including Minutes of the Board and Commission meetings, Resolutions, Ordinances, contracts, etc. Freedom of information requests regarding these records should be directed to the Village Hall FOIA Officer. The Village of East Dundee is a Home Rule municipality. For more information on what this means and how the Village uses its Home Rule Powers, click here.

Voter registration is also conducted by the Police Department. Please bring 2 forms of identification with current name and address. You may register to vote at Village Hall if you are a U.S. Citizen 18 years of age (by the date of the next election) and a resident of your Kane County precinct address for 30 days immediately prior to the next election. Two forms of identification are required: At least one of the two forms must show your name and current address, and only one form of identification may be a piece of mail.


The Finance Department is responsible for managing the fiscal operations of the Village. Responsibilities include supervising the Village investments, monitoring cash flow and recording and reporting all financial transactions. The finance department oversees the annual audit and assists in preparations for the annual budget and tax levy.

In addition to processing accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll, day to day operations include reconciling all cash received, management of the water billing system and administering dog tags.

Building Department

The Building Department is responsible for issuing building permits, providing inspectional services and enforcing the historic preservation ordinance. Also, the Department enforces the International Building Code and provides support for the Planning and Zoning commission. Building permit applications and permit requirements can be picked up at Village Hall Monday - Friday, 7:00 am until 4:00pm or you can call 847-426-2822 for more information. You can download helpful information on obtaining a permit and the basic application below or by contacting the Building Department directly for inspection appointments or other questions on other permit information. Please note vacant buildings must be registered with the building department and pools require a permit.

Additionally, please remember that any work that involves structural, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing requires a permit. Applications may be picked up online or at the Village Hall, and take up to 10 days to be processed. Printed specification sheets for the most common improvements-decks, driveways, fences, pools, roofs, sheds, and unattached garages-are available online along with code and fee information. After the permit is issued, the contractor needs to schedule on-site inspections at specific stages of construction. Residents need to remember that doubling of all permit fees may be added when work is started without a permit, and this falls on the homeowner. Permits and inspections are enforced to ensure that all residences and buildings within the Village meet minimum local and national safety standards. This protects the investments that you make in your home.

Building Codes Currently Adopted By The Village

  • 2006 - International Building Code with Amendments
  • 2006 - International Residential Code with Amendments
  • 2006 - International Mechanical Code with Amendments
  • 2006 - International Fuel Gas Code
  • 2015 - International Energy Conservation Code as Amended by the State of Illinois
  • 2006 - International Fire Code
  • 2006 - International Property Maintenance Code with Amendments
  • 2006 - ICC Electrical Code (Administrative Provisions)
  • 2005 - National Electrical Code with Amendments
  • 2014 - Illinois State Plumbing Code
  • 1997 - Illinois Accessibility Code
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Village Hall
120 Barrington Avenue
East Dundee, IL 60118

Village Hall hours:
Building Dept:

(847) 426-2822
(847) 426-2956
8am - 4pm M-F
8am - 4pm M-F


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